The Brock Environmental Center: by Kaitlyn

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Did you know that the Chesapeake Bay has an effect on every Assembly in the state of Virginia? On August 6th, we had our fun event of the Brock Environmental Center with our Grand Worthy Advisor, Libby.  Right at the beginning, we played a game where we had to ask someone what their name was, where they were from, and what their favorite Bay animal is.  When I was partnered with my friend Sami, I found out that her favorite Bay animal is a crab.  When we finished with that game, the instructors, Kayla and Molly, put us into four groups and we did a scavenger hunt around the center.  We got to find out how they use their energy, electricity, and water differently from ours.  I thought it was very interesting to see and hear how they generate their power and save water here.  I found out that the water they use there is all rainwater and it is totally drinkable and very efficient to use just like the water that comes out of your very own sink.  Next, we all went out on a walk to explore the Bay.  On the way, we found a Night Herring, an Egret, some snails, and even a baby turtle.  We also got to learn what the marsh soil is made of and why it is important to the bay and its creatures.  When we started heading back, we stopped and talked about what pollutes our bay.  The Rainbow Girls learned that nutrients were the number one cause of the pollution in our bay.  Some nutrients are good but too much could be very unhealthy to the bay and all the animals.  To help us understand what they do at the BEC to stop some of these nutrients, they showed us a very fun game.  What we had to do was try to get from one side to another without getting tagged by the Bay Saver.  It was such a fun game and we had a hard time getting to the other side with that Bay Saver stopping us.  After we played that very fun game, we headed down to the beach to learn how to catch sea animals and how to study them.  They showed us how to use a special net to catch the sea creatures and how to pick them up without hurting them.  All the girls got to test it out and we got to learn about some of the animals.  When we finished catching them, we released them all back into the water.  Then, we headed right back to the center and ate our sandwiches from Taste Unlimited.  After we ate, we finished off the day with painting on post cards.  On my post card, I made a beach and put Libby’s theme on it.  Overall, I had so much fun at the BEC learning about the Bay and being able to hang out with my Rainbow Sisters.  

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Pia’s Installation: by Kaitlyn

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On August 5th, Norfolk Assembly had their Installation of officers.  Pia was installed as our new Worthy Advisor.  I was excited to be her Installing Chaplain for her Installation.  To tell you a little bit about Pia’s term, her theme is “Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Detours.”  Her motto is, “You were Given this Life because You are Strong Enough to Live it.”  Pia’s honor stations are Hope and Service.  Her colors are baby blue, pear green, cantaloupe orange, and daffodil yellow, along with her mascot being a Koala Bear.  Pia’s service project is the PIN Ministry and her charity projects are Hope for Life and Supreme 2018.  Before the Installation started, Pia’s cousin and our pledge, Joie, carried in the Bible.  Also, Pia was crowned by our Grand Worthy Advisor, Olivia, and her gavel was presented by Hampton’s Worthy Advisor, Brittany.  We had the ribbon ceremony given by our pledges, Sarah and Joie.  We also got our Merit Bars and Service Bars by our Mother Advisor, Christi.  She also announced who won the “Friendliest of the Term” and who is the next Rainbow Dad.  Haylee won the Friendliest and Dad Brian won the Rainbow Dad.  Pia’s Installation went so beautifully and I was so proud of how amazing she did on Saturday.  When we went downstairs for spaghetti, I gave a prayer before we ate.  Everyone enjoyed the food and we had so much fun with our Rainbow, Jobie, and DeMolay family.  Overall, our Installation was beautifully done and I can’t wait to see what Pia has in store for our Assembly.

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Lodge Dinner: by Kaitlyn

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On August 1st, South Norfolk had their Lodge Dinner.  Pia, Alyssa, Kayla, Haylee, our pledge Sarah, and I were very happy to attend.  Before we had our dinner, our Mother Advisor, Christi, gave Dad Boyd his third place award for the Lambskin Apron Lecture Competition.  He was not able to attend our Grand Assembly, so we took it home with us to present it to him in front of all the Masons to show them how hard he works for this Assembly.  For dinner, we had Dad Chum’s famous cornbread, pork, potatoes, butter beans, and cake.  When the Norfolk Girls finished their meals, we served all the men their desserts and picked up their empty plates and bowls.  Overall, the Norfolk Girls and I had a very great time seeing all our Masonic Fathers and we can’t wait for the next Lodge Dinner.

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The Chesapeake Bay Foundation: By Victoria

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For our first fun event of the Grand Year we went to the Brock Environmental Center of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. We learned about what the Foundation does and how they are working to keep the bay and all the things that live in it safe. After that we went on a walk where we happened to be very lucky to find a baby turtle trying to get to the water. All I have to say is that the turtle was very adorable and we took it to the water where it was more safe. Before lunch they let us use a net to catch fish and everyone was excited to participate. Some people caught blue crabs, jelly fish, and different types of fish. Once we let all the little animals go, we went back to go eat and the food was great. It was a great experience and I’m happy I had the chance to go.

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Richmond Assembly #10

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