The International Rainbow Alumni Association works to rebuild the organization with the experience and wisdom of former Rainbow Girls. The Association also provides fellowship, service, and networking opportunities while reconnecting current members with the Rainbow heritage.

VaMMA, the Virginia Majority Members Association, is active within Virginia. Join this group with a one-time dues of $10, and you will receive a beautiful pin, which shows your support of your Majority sisters and Virginia Rainbow.

Supreme Assembly also has an Alumnae group. For further information, see the Supreme Assembly website.

The current VaMMA Advisor is Ms. Claire Wright.

Virginia Majority Member News

  • Sharon Lodge of McLean is offering a scholarship to third and fourth year college students and graduate school students. The James Vincent Brackett Memorial Scholarship application deadline is April 30th. Click here to get your application.
  • Supreme Assembly Alumnae polos are for sale. Download and submit the Alumnae Polo Shirt Order form.

Check out our Alumnae Fun Page!