The International Rainbow Alumni Association works to rebuild the organization with the experience and wisdom of former Rainbow Girls. The Association also provides fellowship, service, and networking opportunities while reconnecting current members with the Rainbow heritage.

VaMMA, the Virginia Majority Members Association, is active within Virginia. Join this group with a one-time dues of $10, and you will receive a beautiful pin, which shows your support of your Majority sisters and Virginia Rainbow.

Supreme Assembly also has a Alumnae group. For further information, see the Supreme Assembly website.

The current VaMMA Advisor is Mrs. Mary Hutt Botkins, PGWA.

Virginia Majority Member News

Special Recognition

Congratulations to our own Christy Norman Purgason, PGWA 2001-2002, who was recognized by the President/COO of her firm for her dedication and hard work.   Following is a paraphrased excerpt:

No one worked harder or exhibited a greater focus and commitment in her role than our own Christy Purgason.  She routinely came in early and stayed late, and she did it with a smile and a “can do” attitude. In this role, 2010 unequivocally was Christy’s best year at the Firm to date.   She worked to collect the dollars we worked so hard to earn which in turn allowed us to meet and exceed our financial objectives again this year.   We cannot wait to see what her next accomplishment will be.