Destiny Court’s Installation

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On January 20th, Destiny Court held its Installation of Officers. Of course, being the Installing Musicians, Gigi and I had to be there early. After watching and playing at a very long practice the time for the Installation finally came around.  Gigi, Joella, Vanessa, Katie, Sami and myself got to see our very own Mom Tarren and Mr. Michael get installed in the East, as well as many other of our various adult leaders. The Installation was pretty long, but all in all it was a beautiful ceremony that I’m so glad I could be a part of!


Manassas Assembly



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Phoenix’s Last Meeting: By Kaitlyn

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On July 23rd, our Worthy Advisor, Phoenix, had her last meeting as our Worthy Advisor for this term.  At this meeting, we were happy to have two guests attend.  We had the Grand Royal Matron of Amaranth, Honored Lady Virginia Gillikin and Grand Lecturer of Amaranth, Honored Lady Daron Gregory. It was great to see these special ladies here because it helps us see how many people will come out of their way to support our Assembly.  Honored Lady Virginia was so thoughtful during our Good of the Order and it made me feel so great to have heard how proud she was of our Assembly and how happy she was to attend.  Overall, it was a fantastic last meeting for our Worthy Advisor because we got to see these wonderful women, and I can’t wait to see what our next Worthy Advisor, Pia, has in store for our Assembly. 

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Amaranth Grand Court Installation

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On February 13th, Hampton Assembly went to the Grand Amaranth Installation. This was the first Amaranth Installation I’ve ever been to and it was beautiful. Julie Gangsler went in as Grand Royal Matron and she asked us to be there to help hand out programs, carry ins, and so that she can promote our organizations. She is a huge supporter of the youth and it has been wonderful getting to know her. The uncrowning and crowning ceremonies were absolutely amazing (along with the crowns themselves). All of the people were so welcoming and friendly. There were so many people who asked us about Rainbow and told us the stories of their youth. Everything looked so well rehearsed during the ceremony and their floor work was stunning. I could not have asked for a better first experience.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

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