Fairfax-Manassas Grand Visitation

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Chesapeake Bay Day

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On Sunday, August 7, 2017, Virginia Rainbow held our first statewide fun event. We visited The Brock Environmental Center, girls in attendance from Manassas were: Gigi, Katie, Dalanie, Zoey W, Joella, Sami, Isabella, Alyssa, and myself. We started with an introduction where we met our guides and then we each got a partner and had to introduce them to the whole group. After that we split into groups and each group had to answer questions or think of questions about The Center, after everyone had their answers each group presented what they had learned. Some cool things about The Center are that they have compost toilets, they recycle rainwater as drinking water, and that a lot of the materials used as floors came from a school. Next, we went to an area at the edge of the water where we saw some snails and a baby turtle. After that we played a game where a “bay saver” had to try to catch everyone. After that, we went seining, which is catching fish, crabs, and jellyfish. We caught same very cool jellyfish and some pretty big blue crabs. Finally, we ate lunch and headed home. It was a fun day!

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Zoe N


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NJ Grand Assembly 2017

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This year I had the opportunity to attend the NJ Grand Assembly with Kate B who had been appointed the Grand Representative to NJ at our Virginia Grand Assembly in July of this year.  The NJ Grand Assembly took place at the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany from August 11 – August 13, 2017.  Their Grand Worthy Advisor, Jenna Brink, selected the theme:  “Have Courage and Be Kind”; and her mascot was Cinderella.  Kate’s mom drove up with Kate, my mom, and me, and we were able to attend the Grand Officer Banquet and the Opening Session.

Kate and I were seated at the Grand Officer’s table during the Banquet and I was even able to get some phone numbers of the girls so I can keep in contact with them.  After the Banquet was over, we went over to the ball room that was the Assembly Room for the Grand Assembly Sessions.  I was surprised that they sat me in the East and I was introduced as a visiting dignitary.  Kate and I were both showered with gifts and everyone was very kind to us the entire evening.  We got three gift bags each: one from NJ Grand Assembly, one from the Grand Rep. Counterpart, and one from NJ OES.

I noticed differences between the NJ Grand Assembly and that of Virginia.  The Mother Advisors of the different Assemblies are introduced behind the Bow and then got to sit in the East.  All the visiting Grand Officers and Grand Representatives are introduced as a group behind the Bow and then go to the East as a group but then get to go up to stand with the Grand Worthy Advisor in the East and be individually introduced before going to their seats.  I think that’s neat!

They had two types of parades/contests during the opening session.  The first was for the Assembly and Pledge Group Banners.  NJ has nine active Assemblies and six active Pledge groups.  The banners were judged and the winner got to have a pizza party during Grand Assembly.  The second parade/contest was for the costumes for the Grand Representatives and some of them were pretty amazing!  The Grand Representatives dressed up to represent their appointed State/Grand term for that State.  My favorite one was the Dr. Seuss where the Grand Representative actually had a bookshelf that she pushed around the room.

There were several soloist songs sung and there were several Grand Officer Reports given.  I found it interesting that they announced the 2017-2018 Grand Officers during the opening session and even the Grand Worthy Advisor is appointed as a new officer and is not the Grand Worthy Associate Advisor for the prior year.  For the 2017-2018 Grand Year Amy Wilkie is the new GWA and her theme is:  “Don’t Just Fly, Soar with NJ Rainbow” and her mascot is Dumbo.  There was also a slide show of all the pictures throughout the year.  They also have the Grand Officers sign the Book of Memories during the Opening Session so that meeting is really long and lasted from 7:30pm until after 11pm. 

Once the Opening Session was over, we were able to meet up with Mom Renn, Mrs Susan Rennegal, our Supreme Worthy Advisor, since she was there as well! Kate was able to meet her new counterpart, Lydia, and she is also their Grand Hope.  We were very tired by the time we could finally go to bed, but we had a good time!

In Rainbow Love & Service,
Isabella C.

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Grand Assembly 2017: By Kaitlyn

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On July 14 – 16, Virginia Rainbow had their 24th annual Grand Assembly!  It was amazing to see so many guests attend along with seeing our Supreme Worthy Advisor, Mrs. Susan Rennagel.  Virginia Rainbow also got to be there for our Grand Worthy Advisor, Rachal Murray’s Grand Year of “The Light Within.”  The Norfolk Girls, along with me, were able to enjoy a fantastic Grand Assembly.

On July 13th, our girls, Phoenix, Kayla, Haylee, our Mother Advisor, Christi Reed, and I helped out with setting up the Grand Assembly room for Rachal.  We all went up to the storage unit to gather up all of the Grand Assembly supplies along with some of our Manassas Sisters and some of our DeMolay Brothers.  It took a lot of teamwork in order to load up all of the supplies into the truck.  Finally, we went to our Grand Assembly at the Doubletree Inn were we started to put together our Grand Assembly.

On July 14th, everyone started coming up to attend Grand Assembly.  I was able to see all my Rainbow Sisters from other Assemblies.  Also that day, we had a lot of practices before Opening Night.  I had to go to Grand Flag Bearer, Grand Representative, and Book of Memories practice.  While some of the practices were going on, the rest of our Norfolk group, Tommy, Pia, Alyssa, Relena, Jordan, Sarah, Lisa, Cecilia, and Paula, came up to join us.  We also had Dad Rowland get his Grand Cross of Color, the highest honor, that same day before he had to go back to work.  Later that day, we had our Opening Night of “The Light Within” Session.  All of the Grand Officers, Grand Representatives, Grand Flag Bearers, and Grand Pages were introduced.  We also had the introductions of guests from other Masonic organizations.  After introductions, Mom Casey Humphries announced the winners of the Rose Lecture and the Lambskin Apron Lecture.  We were all super excited that the people who won were both from Manassas Assembly!  After Opening Night, everyone put on their Rainbow casuals and had some fun playing games and dancing downstairs in the Grand Assembly room.

On July 15th, we had our Initiation of two girls.  The Grand Officers did so beautifully on their ritual work and the new initiates did very well.  We also had the Majority Service after the Initiation.  Hanna and Madeline got their Majority.  Later that day, we had the Memorial Service given by Manassas Assembly to honor all of the Rainbow family members who have passed away.  Then we had the Book of Memories for all of the Grand Officers.  It was a very emotional time for Rachal and all of our Rainbow family.

On Saturday night, we had our Grand Banquet.  The table was set with all things Harry Potter.  We even got to take home little pens that looked like little flying broomsticks.  The food was fantastic and we were able to have a little fun while we were eating.  Assemblies and adults were making funny chants back and forth to each other.  During the Banquet, scholarships were handed out by Nancy Martin.  Many of the Grand Officers, including Rachal, were given these scholarships.  Also, Rachal and Casey Humphries gave out the awards for the House Cup, Grand Representative’s Posters, scrapbook, and Assembly of the Year competitions.  In our Assembly, Phoenix was awarded second place in the Rose Lecture and our Dad Boyd got third place in the Lambskin Apron Lecture.  Pia got first place in the Grand Representative’s poster board competition and I was able to get second place.  Our Assembly was also awarded second place in the scrapbook competition, third place in Assembly of the year and finally, we were awarded the House Cup.  I was so proud of my Assembly and my girls because of all the things we were awarded and how our new Assembly was able to accomplish all of these things in the past year.  Finally, we had the announcements of the new Grand Pages, Grand Flag Bearers, Grand Representatives and Grand Officers by Mrs. Linda Jenkins, our Supreme Inspector.  In my Assembly, Kayla, Haylee, and Alyssa were announced as Grand Representatives.  Phoenix, Pia, Relena and I were announced as some of the new Grand Officers.  I was also happy to congratulate Kensley on becoming the next Grand Worthy Associate Advisor.

On July 16th, we had our Grand Installation.  The installation was beautifully done by Libby’s installing team.  Phoenix, Pia, Relena and I crowned Libby as Grand Worthy Advisor.  Libby’s theme for this year is “Sail into Rainbow”. Her mascot is a shark named Finley and her Charity projects are Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Supreme 2018.  Overall, I thought this was a spectacular Grand Assembly with Rachal’s term of “The Light Within” session.  She did a fantastic job during her year and I can’t wait to see what Libby’s year will has in store for Virginia Rainbow.

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