Fairfax Assembly Installation

On Sunday, January 7th, Fairfax Assembly had their Installation for their new term.  The following girls were installed: Zoë as Charity, Lorkin as Faith, Paige as Chaplain, and Kaylie as Fidelity. The girls who attended from our assembly, Manassas #13 were:  Isabella, Katie, Jazmyn, Sami, Gigi, Maribel, Delanie, and myself.  The adults that attended were: Dad Clancy, Mom Louisa, Mom Priscilla, Mom Deborah, Mom Robin and Dad Joe. The Installation went well and I presented Zoë with a gift, because she switched Assemblies. Hopefully Fairfax Assembly will continue to grow now that Zoë is there. The refreshments afterward were delicious and made me want more. I was at their Lodge in the morning to help set up with Zoë.  All in all, Fairfax had an amazing Installation and I can’t wait to see their Installation for their next term!


Manassas Assembly


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