Grand Cross of Color Dinner and Christmas Cards

On November 11, 2017, Manassas Assembly celebrated the people who have earned the Grand Cross of Color degree with a ceremony and Lasagna dinner.  The cake to celebrate was good!  It was followed by us making Christmas cards for the residents at MAHOVA.  Zoey W. organized the event.  She had great decorations and she had the tables arranged in a cross to celebrate the occasion.  We were able to honor:  Gigi, Mom Cherry, Dad Bill, and Mom Jean during the ceremony.  The girls who were there included:  Gigi, Katie, Kate, Delanie, Zoey W., Vanessa, Joella, Sami, Abigail, and me.  Zoey’s little brother Sam was also there.  Adults who were there for the event were:  Mom Priscilla, Dad Tom, Dad Bill, Mom Cherry, Dad Clancy, Mom and Dad Wertman, Mom Paula, Mom Robin (missed the ceremony but was there for cards), Mom Joanne, Mom Ange, and Mom Louisa. 

In Rainbow Love and Service,


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