Sleepover at Norfolk

On August 5, 2017, there was a sleepover at Norfolk’s Lodge. It was fun and playful. We setup blankets and pillows upstairs in their assembly room. The girls from our Assembly were, Dalanie, Zoey W, Katie, Sami, Gigi, Zoe N, and myself. The moms present were, Mom Robin and my mom, Mom Ange. Most of the girls were in a corner of the room and were playing games. Rachel, our Past Grand Worthy Advisor, got us some McDonalds, and I snarled down two burgers…. I was really hungry! We went out to a park nearby and played tag. There was a man dressed as a panda. Everyone got a kick out of that. After that, we went home and resumed our games. I named a salt packet Peppar (Swedish for pepper). My mom came around 10:00 PM with snacks and Capri Suns. She also got some apple juice, which Dalanie, Zoey W., and I gulped down (mostly Dalanie and I). Oh! And I also got pictures of everyone sleeping except Dalanie, My mom, Zoe, and me. Overall, I had an amazing time, and I wish I could go again!

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