Chesapeake Bay Day

On Sunday, August 7, 2017, Virginia Rainbow held our first statewide fun event. We visited The Brock Environmental Center, girls in attendance from Manassas were: Gigi, Katie, Dalanie, Zoey W, Joella, Sami, Isabella, Alyssa, and myself. We started with an introduction where we met our guides and then we each got a partner and had to introduce them to the whole group. After that we split into groups and each group had to answer questions or think of questions about The Center, after everyone had their answers each group presented what they had learned. Some cool things about The Center are that they have compost toilets, they recycle rainwater as drinking water, and that a lot of the materials used as floors came from a school. Next, we went to an area at the edge of the water where we saw some snails and a baby turtle. After that we played a game where a “bay saver” had to try to catch everyone. After that, we went seining, which is catching fish, crabs, and jellyfish. We caught same very cool jellyfish and some pretty big blue crabs. Finally, we ate lunch and headed home. It was a fun day!

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Zoe N


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