Grand Assembly Report

By: Kaitlyn

This year has probably been the most exciting Grand Assembly I’ve been to so far.  It all started off with unpacking the storage unit to help Dad Joe Grist on Thursday July 14th.  When we arrived at Grand Assembly, we also helped unpack the stuff and set up the Assembly Room with our Grand Worthy Advisor, Rachel Cochrane, and her sisters.

On Friday morning, we started off with a swim in the pool.  Also, Friday was full of practices and making sure everything was perfect for opening night.  At opening night, when they were announcing the competition winners, I couldn’t believe that my name and Gigi’s were announced for winning the Rose Lecture.  Gigi took pleasure in letting me say the Lecture because she wanted someone else to shine since she was a Grand Officer.  Also, our very own Relena won the Dad’s Talk Lecture.  Introductions were so much fun to hear and to see all of these amazing people.  That night as a group, we got together to do trivia night organized by Abby.  We played many fun games and got to know each other.

The next day we had an Initiation.  The Initiation was done beautifully by all our Grand Officers.  That same day we had the Book of Memories.  Every Officer put their signatures in the Book of Memories.  That night, we had the Grand Banquet.  The food was so delicious and I had a fun night with all my Rainbow Sisters.  Also that night, they announced all of the competition winners and the new Grand Officers.  We congratulated Hampton Assembly on winning Assembly of the Year.  Also, the new Grand Pages, Flag Bearers, and Representatives were announced.  After the Grand Banquet, all the Rainbow Girls came down for movie night.  The movie was very exciting to watch and I enjoyed it.

The next day, we had the Installation of officers.  Rachal Murray was installed as our new Grand Worthy Advisor.  It was a beautiful Installation and I enjoyed every minute of it.  When the Installation was over, we all helped out with taking down the Grand Assembly Room and putting it back into storage until next year.  Overall, this Grand Assembly year is one I will cherish for the rest of my Rainbow years.

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