Stand up, Stand out, and Make a Difference

Today, July 13th 2014, Brianna Quarnaccio was installed as the Worthy Advisor of Smithfield Assembly #5. Her theme is “Stand up, Stand out, and Make a Difference.” Brianna’s mascot for this term is the Zebra, because not any zebra has the same stripe pattern, just like how every person is different and special in there own way. She picked the Ronald McDonald House of Norfolk as her charity. She plans to raise money for this organization by doing Applebee’s, World’s Finest Chocolate, and Bubba and Frank fundraisers. It seems like Smithfield Assembly is going to have a fun but busy term, from volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, collecting donations at Christmas light displays, visit nursing homes, and cleaning lodges. But, Brianna’s term isn’t all focused on doing charity work, she also plans on having sleepovers, bowling parties, and going to the Haunted Temple with her assembly.


Hampton Assembly #2

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