Hay Market Chapter #123 OES Installation

When my Mom was driving we saw the building after we passed it. We had to turn around and go back. Mom and I helped Worthy Matron-Elect, Vallery, with the all the things she had to carry in for the Installation. After we helped her sit that stuff down, I helped put the decorations out. Then when I came to the kitchen, she had to show my Mom and I all the stuff we might need to help get the food out for the reception. I washed lots of serving spoons and dishes so we could use them.

The Installation was different from Rainbow and they had a lot of chairs (17) because they had a lot of people they were going to install. When Vallery had been installed she said that she was focusing on youth that is why her colors were all of the rainbows colors. Mom Janae sang several songs beautifully during the Installation. Worthy Matron Vallery was presented with her daughter’s (Danielle, Past Honored Queen, Past Worthy Advisor)  gavel that had all the Rainbow ribbons on it by her son, (Nick, Past Master Counselor) .  Both Mallory and I were introduced to the group and represented Ashburn Assembly #11.

After we were introduced, we left with Mom to help set up for the reception. Mallory and I made tea and lemonade and unwrapped all the food. Mallory cut the cake and I gave it to the ladies. We helped take food to the tables while Mom made coffee. We made sure all the food was put out and made sure it was kept full. There was a lot of food.

Before leaving, Worthy Matron Vallery gave Mallory and I a box which contained four angels. Mallory got two and I got two so it would be fair. I am looking forward to helping them out next time.

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Sister of Hope
Ashburn Assembly #11

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