Weekend full of Service!

On Saturday morning, I woke up really early to go make sandwiches for the homeless. After making those sandwiches, we drove to the homeless shelter to hand them out along with clothes. I remember this really nice man with a hopeful spirit, who was only wearing a short-sleeved jersey. I thought it was very kind when a member of Hampton Assembly, Kensley, went to her car and grabbed her old jacket and ran down the street to give it to the man. On Sunday, Kensley and I went to Hampton University for the P.A.B. 1,000 Youth March Against Bullying. It was neat to see all those people show up. They had kids singing, tumbling, and dancing. And the mom who started ‘Parents Against Bullying’ had a very moving story about why she created the organization and her daughters that were bullied in middle school. They also had a guest speaker who was the aunt of the kid who got killed at the Carnival at the Hampton Coliseum a few months back; She said since he can no longer speak out against bullying, she is his voice.


Hampton Assembly #2

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