Reaching Out to Our Masonic Lodges

As a Majority Member from California, I was so excited to watch California’s Grand Assembly live stream online, but afterwards I saw a number of comments in the California Alumni Facebook page about how there are fewer girls than there were in the 90’s.  They asked, what could be done to get more girls to join Rainbow?

I started thinking, now being part of Virginia Rainbow, a relatively small- but growing- Rainbow state, what we could do to help increase our numbers.  What was lacking?  Then it hit me- I have an IORG magnet on the back of my truck, and many times, Masons mention to me that they didn’t know about us, or that we were here in Virginia.  We have a very strong relationship with certain Lodges, but outside of that, many Masons do not know we are here.

So I coordinated with my Advisory Board Chairman, who is also a Majority girl, and we decided to sit down and write a letter to all the Masonic Lodges in our area letting them know that we are, in fact, here and always ready to help.  We offered to give programs and assist them through a variety of service projects.  We reached out as part of our GWA’s mission to support our Masonic Sponsoring Bodies and also our own Assembly’s 25th anniversary.  The Richmond girls approved the letter and signed them before we mailed them out.

I am so excited to say that it worked!! Since sending the letters, we have added 3 Lodge programs to our calendar, and it’s only the beginning.  Hopefully our exposure will lead to new girls, but if nothing else, it will lead to new and strengthened relationships with our Masonic Family.

In RL&S,

Mom Jackson
Mother Advisor, Richmond Assembly #10

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