Wrapping with Rainbow

On November 28th and 29th, Manassas Assembly #13 had a fundraiser where the Rainbow Girls wrapped Christmas presents, listened to Christmas music, and ate donuts. On the first day we only wrapped one present which was a little disappointing, however we were able to help Mom Tammy put up the Lodge Christmas decorations. We helped decorate the new Hello Kitty tree, which I think is adorable. Thanks to Mom Tammy for letting us help.

On the second day, our Girls wrapped many presents with the help of the Yorkshire School of Instruction. Thank you! We also had wonderful support from our Amaranth members who were there selling ornaments and encouraged purchasers to have them wrapped by Rainbow. Thank you Amaranth! In our down time, we experimented with different bows and styles to wrap the big presents. I’m not sure how successful the fundraiser was, but I had a great time spending time with my Rainbow Sisters. Overall it was a very good experience.

With Rainbow love and service,

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