Richmond’s Self Esteem and Confidence Building Party

On February 16th, Erin Wilder, Worthy Advisor of Richmond #10, hosted a self esteem and confidence building party at her house. There were a lot of girls there and all of us wrote on a piece of paper of what we like and dislike about ourselves. Everyone complimented one another on their dislikes because that is what friendship is all about. We were shown videos of women being ‘perfected’ by makeup and computers and how that image of beauty is distorted. We all love one another regardless of imperfections.

 After a delicious taco lunch provided by Mom Wilder, we continued to talk about increasing our self esteem.
As part of an activity, we wrote five things of what we absolutely love about ourselves,  decorate it, and put
in a picture frame as a permanent reminder that we are all beautiful, inside and out. I love Erin Wilder. She is
a wonderful Rainbow Girl and a great Worthy Advisor.
Grand Fidelity

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