Installation of Richmond Assembly No. 10

Installing Officers of Richmond No. 10

When I walked in the Scottish Rite Temple, I had no idea what I was going to be installed as, so I asked Mom Simmons. Mom Simmons told me that I was getting installed as Drill Leader. I called my mom to figure out where she was and sadly the call dropped. That made my mom really mad. I called her back, only to find out that she was already talking to Mom Simmons. Thankfully Mr. Jesse came, along with my stuffed owl Charlie, who wants to be a ‘Rainbow Owl’. Mr. Jesse coming to the installation meant a lot to me because I really wanted him there. Erin gave all the girls of Richmond Assembly a Mickey Mouse bracelet as a walking gift, which was really nice of her. The bracelet was so cool!

What really surprised me was that I got my Pandora-like bracelet with a red bead. I had a lot of fun. Erin had a great sense of humor and Casey did a beautiful job installing Richmond.


Richmond #10

January-July 2013 Officers

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