Richmond Travels to Fredericksburg



Before the welcoming speech done by Mom Cochrane, I recited the Service Lecture to Mom Simmons, and I said it letter perfect!! 🙂 There was so much standing up in the beginning, that I thought my legs were going to be stiff when I sat down. Thankfully that did not happen. The men who presented the Flag (The National Sojourners from Chapter 545) did an absolutely wonderful job presenting the flag. A lot of awards were given to the girls of Assembly #12, and it was a really beautiful service. At the reception, I went overboard on the sweets. My favorite were the strawberry & creme flavored Creme Savers that they had. All the food was really yummy. I bought two pins from GWA Lauren’s term. I’m keeping one and plan to give the other one to the first friend of mine I convince to join the Rainbow Girls.


Richmond #10

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