Mom Renn’s Travels

Dear Rainbow Family,

This fall has been very busy for me.  In October I spent over a week at the Supreme Temple in McAlester OK.  The first two days were meetings of the Supreme Executive Board.  The rest of the time was spent cleaning out the basement – old forms, old bank statements, old Supreme programs and then rearranging files of open and closed assemblies and entering assembly Grand Cross of Color information into a database.  I worked very hard along with our Supreme Worthy Advisor.  Many people don’t realize what it takes to run a business like Supreme Assembly and keep things current.  I love my time spent at the Temple and I encourage you to visit.  While I was there, I met the Grand Representative to Oklahoma to Virginia who came with her mother and sister to tour the Temple.  She has corresponded with Hanna Zafar and was so excited to meet someone from Virginia.  She was thrilled that I knew Hanna and we had a nice visit.  I’ve sent Hanna a picture. 

Snow, snow, snow.  That is what Dad Rennagel and I saw a lot of on our recent trip to Germany.  Every day it snowed except for one beautiful sunny day in Heidleburg.  We were on a Main River cruise through 34 locks from Nuremberg to Frankfurt and we had a great time.  We met many new friends and visited many Christmas markets.  

One night on board the ship there was a lecture about Christmas customs in Germany.  Many years ago, the German children didn’t have the popular advent calendars we have today.  Every day the children in the family would put a twig in the manger they had in or near their homes and when the manger was full it would be Christmas. 

On December 5 we put our shoes outside our cabin door and St. Nicholas put candy in them while we slept.  What a fun tradition. 

I wish you a very special holiday with your family and friends and I wish the best for our Virginia Rainbow in 2013. 

In Rainbow Love and Service,

 Mom Rennagel

Supreme Charity

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