Hello Virginia Rainbow,

Just came in from raking leaves and Mom Norman reminded me that the website needs some words from the State Rainbow Dad, and that would be me. Okaaay then…
First, I hope that everyone came through Sandy alright and that you all had a happy Halloween. Always remember that you’re never too old or dignified to put on a costume and pretend (well, except maybe Dad Rennagel). Free candy is just a bonus.

Not many of you know about this yet, but at Supreme Assembly a new program, called “Dad to Dad” was introduced. It’s still pretty basic, but the idea is to get more Dads involved in Rainbow. Until we tell them, they won’t know that their help is wanted, or that they would be welcomed by a “girls organization.” Dad to Dad is a way to let them know and to bring them in. There is a ceremony written for use after initiation, and your State Rainbow Dad is working on one to be presented to local Lodges or at Grand Assembly.

Most of you have received a “Dad” envelope from me to give to the man in your life. He may be your Dad, Stepdad, Granddad, Uncle, or whoever fills that role in your life.  (He’s easy to recognize. He is the one who went to all those ballet and/or band recitals, and he was pretty good with a baseball bat when there were monsters under your bed. )  It’s an invitation to him to come out and support YOU and Rainbow. If I haven’t given one to you yet, see me at the next Grand Visitation, Installation, or other State function and I’ll make sure you get one. If I have given you one and you haven’t delivered it to him, for shame. Do that now and ask him to come to a Rainbow function. Be prepared with a second choice if he can’t come. As in: “If you can’t come to the (Assembly) meeting, could you please come to the Grand Visitation on the 10th at 2pm?” Sometimes, letting him know that he’s wanted enough to have a back-up date works even better than the first invitation.

See you all soon. –And bring Dad along!

All my Rainbow Love,
Dad Norman
State Rainbow Dad

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