Autumn Message from Mom J

 Dear Girls,

What a busy and successful summer we have had! Your Installations were beautiful and fun. I know this will be a great fall. Our Jurisdiction is currently number 5 among all the Jurisdictions with 22.9% increase in membership so far this year. I am sure we will move up as we have our initiations in September. It was wonderful to see all the new girls and prospective members at our leadership retreat. The Pandora-style bracelet charms are a great additional incentive!

Supreme Assembly was a thrill. I truly wish all of you could have been there to see Nicole as Acting Supreme Love, Lauren in the Cavalcade of Flags, Stevie in the Jurisdictional Skit, and the Cochrane sisters in their beautiful stringed instrument performance.

It’s important for you to know how honored Virginia is to have our own Past Supreme Inspector, Susan Rennagel “Mom Renn,” installed as Supreme Charity. Virginia will have a Supreme Worthy Advisor in 2016! Mrs. Dedra Hart, Supreme Inspector in South Carolina, our Sister Jurisdiction, is now Supreme Love. All of us have a right to be proud of these fine ladies. The Supreme Worthy Advisor is Mary Adeline Bradford from Maryland. She has many wonderful programs for the next two years, including a Supreme Assembly close to us in Baltimore. Thank you to the girls at the Retreat who showed us how great the Supreme 2012 Session was so that all of you would know what a special experience is in store for you in 2014.

Grand Worthy Advisor Lauren and I attended Job’s Daughters Session and DeMolay Conclave. We were so pleased to see the youth groups working together. These were Lauren’s first opportunities to give remarks, and she did an excellent job of representing us.

The Rainbow Retreat in Jamestown was a highlight of the summer! Many thanks go to Jamie Waite, Lauren, Mom Waite, and Mom Heller in planning and carrying out an entertaining and educational weekend. Mom Norman helped us with communication; I can already see the benefits of her session. I hope you all had fun and plenty to eat. The 4-H Camp did all it could to see we couldn’t possibly go away hungry!

What can I say about the Roc Solid project? I have never been more proud of my Rainbow Girls. The project, which was Lauren’s vision, was absolutely perfect and meaningful. The manner in which you girls pitched in and accomplished the tasks was exemplary. The secret is out: you can paint, organize, clean, mulch, rake, weed, etc. Most of all, you can inspire and encourage a young girl who needed your help. Kudos!

September includes the golf tournament, miniature golf, and the MCHQWA Ball. I hope to see you at all of these activities. Always be proud to be a Rainbow Girl!

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Mom J

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