Wrapping up Initiation

On December 28, 2011, the girls of Fredericksburg Assembly gathered at Christy and Andi’s home to sew scarves and practice for their upcoming Initiation. We made 45 scarves of all sorts of combinations of colors, and sold 16 at Downtown Fredericksburg’s First Night! Our two Pledges (currently candidates to be initiated) Kaylyn and Campbell even joined in the fun of the scarf making.
We also played games on the Wii, dressed each other up with the scarves, and had some fun with pizza, cookies, and Capri Sun juice boxes. After wolfing down our dinner and laughing and talking like all girls do, we headed off to practice for our Initiation with Mom Jamie Waite. We literally danced through our parts, we had so much fun.

Grand Representative to Connecticut and Nevada
Fredericksburg Assembly #12

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