Remarks from Florida Rainbow

Michelle and Heather

Many, many days ago,
I traveled to Virginia to meet people I didn’t know.

After those 14 plus hours on the road,
I got out of the car and my face glowed.

I was so excited to make new friends,
And was interested to see how our personalities would blend.

I went to the DeMolay installation for Jeran Gray,
And was glad to be able to meet you that day.

The Gavel Talk was performed by Kaitlynn, his sister,
A ceremony that can sometimes be a tongue twister.

After the installation we all went down to eat,
And finally you and I got a chance to meet.

With the Casino themed night there was many fun games to play.
And with so many choices everyone wanted to stay.

In one corner of the room was the photo booth,
And Virginia Rainbow took a picture of the Florida youth.

We took a picture in hats that were weird,
But that was fine because the audience cheered.

We also danced and danced in our bare feet,
Even if it’s a it unhealthy that was really neat.

I went to Tasha’s to spend the night;
Her mom thought we’d stay up a while and she was right.

The current SMC, Nick, was Tasha’s brother–he was super sweet.
I was glad to stay with the Cook’s that night, it was such a treat.

Shortly thereafter I had to prepare for the drive back,
It was so sad to collect my stuff and get it all packed.

On the way home, I was able to see snow
Well, more like melted ice, but it still made me go “whoa!”

I am a Florida girl through and through,
So seeing this snow was really something new.

After that night, we kept in contact with each other.
Thank goodness, because our skills complement one another.

I provided some help with your Charity Dance,
I would have attended if I had the chance.

I collected and mailed you Jordan’s Usina’s pin,
And in return, I got yours, so it was a win-win.

“Simply Unique” is Florida’s theme,
And with Make a Wish we are helping to support dreams.

Your saying is “Stand Out-Be True-Be You,”
With symbols of animals from the zoo.

I’m sure your Grand will be amazing,
An event that I’m sure many will be praising.

I met you when you were Grand Worthy Associate Advisor,
Now a year has passed, and we have both grown wiser.

You’ve now graduated from Isle of Wight,
And your future is looking mighty bright.

I hope your year was all you imagined it to be and so much more.
You deserve all the best that life has in store!

This is where the rhyming in my poem comes to an end,
A creative little story created by a Rainbow Sister and friend.

A few parting words of advice,
From an author who probably was very nice:
“Don’t cry because it ‘s over. Smile because it happened” by Dr. Seuss.

Sending Sunshine and Sweetheart Love,
Heather McShane
State Sweetheart, Florida DeMolay 2010-11
Worthy Advisor, Hope Assembly #82

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