2017 Scholarship Bowl-A-Thon

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Get your pledge form here.



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Scholarship Bowl-A-Thon

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Calling all Rainbow Girls, Assemblies, Lodges, Courts, Chapters, Bethels…. Friends, family, prospective members, anyone!  Join us for our 3rd Annual Scholarship Bowl-a-thon!  You can raise money for the Virginia Rainbow Scholarship Fund by :

  • Playing ($20 per person, includes shoes and at least 1 game).  You can also create a team of up to 8.
  • Sponsoring a Lane ($50), or
  • Making a pledge to a participant.  You can download the Bowl-a-thon Pledge Form and collect pledges for how many pins you knock down.

The deadline to register to Play or Sponsor a Lane is November 2nd.  All Pledge monies are due December 20th.  Contact Mary Botkins at mary.h.botkins@gmail.com with questions.

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Bowling for Scholarship

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The Scholarship Bowl-a-thon was so much fun to go to! Many of the Virginia Rainbow Girls were there, and they all did great on bowling. Richmond Assembly #10 played four rounds and we had been texting the group next to us and the bowling alley was just amazing. The food was delicious and the service was just so great. Richmond Assembly #10 didn’t win a trophy but we’re glad that other people did, and my group can’t wait to see everyone again. So Richmond Assembly #10 was very happy to be there and can’t wait to see everyone again at the next function.

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Richmond Assembly #10

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BOWL for the Scholarship Fund!

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Get your Bowl-A-Thon Pledge Form, invite your friends, and prepare for the fun!

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