Prince William Forest Park Hike

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On September 9, 2017, we met at Parking Lot E at Prince William Forest Park to hike the Quantico Cascades Trail and have lunch together.  We invited pledges, prospects and four DeMolay chapters to join us.  The girls who were there included:  Gigi, Kate, Delanie, Zoey, Vanessa, Jo, Mackenzie, Ashley, M’Balu, Alyssa, and me.  The adults who were there were:  Mom Priscilla, Dad Tom, Mom Paula, Dad Wyatt, Mom Joanne, Dad Stan, Dad Ryan, Mom Jean, Mom Nancy K, and Mom Louisa.  The DeMolay that were there:  Preston and Connor.  Kate brought an out-of-town friend from Florida who was getting away from Hurricane Irma and her name is Genevieve and her mom was there too.  Zoey’s little brother, Sam, Alyssa’s little brother, Zach, and Ashley’s little sister, Jessica, were also there.  The event was scheduled to start at noon but we didn’t get started until almost 1pm since part of the group was running behind.  We hiked down to the creek and we were playing in the water.  Most of us did well, but Mackenzie fell in and got wet.  We took lots of pictures and had fun.  We arrived back from our hike at about 2pm and then we ate lunch.  We finished up about 3pm and headed home.

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DeMolay Conclave: By Kaitlyn

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On July 22, our Worthy Advisor, Phoenix, her cousin Asia, Rainbow Sisters: Sarah and Lisa, our Mother Advisor, Christi Reed, my sister, Sarah, and I attended DeMolay’s Conclave.  There, I was able to see our DeMolay brothers, our Jobie and Rainbow Sisters, and our Grand Worthy Advisor, Libby Whitehouse.  The dance was so much fun to attend!   I had so much fun dancing with everyone there!  I also got to meet one of Florida’s past Grand Worthy Advisors, Mrs. Kristy Hajimihalis on our way there.  Overall, I was so happy to attend DeMolay’s Conclave because I was able to have a fun experience with my whole family. 

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2016 Job’s Daughters Pageant

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rachal-at-jobs-daughters-pageantjobs-daughters-pageantHampton Assembly went to the Job’s Daughters Pageant to support our Sisters. We were so proud to see Camran up there as the outgoing Miss Congeniality and Scarlet and Leanne as two of the Pageant contestants. It was hosted at the Doubletree where we have our Grand Assembly, so I felt very at home as soon as I walked in. Seeing all my Job’s Sisters all dressed up and excited to be there made me so happy. The Pageant was lovely. Misha (also a fellow Rainbow Girl of Springfield) and Camran had the theme of “Ohana” and all things Hawaii!!! Their speeches were beautiful and so was every girl on that stage. Afterwards, all the DeMolay, Jobies, and Rainbow Girls piled into the dance room and moved and grooved the night away. It was wonderful and it reminds me of the reason why I joined Rainbow in the first place: friends like family, amazing times, and lots of memories.

With Rainbow Love and Service,
Lauren Ann

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Portsmouth DeMolay Installation

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Recently we had the pleasure of attending Portsmouth DeMolay Chapter’s Installation of Officers. The event started at 7:00 P.M. and ended at 9:15 P.M. Chris was installed as Mastor Councilor for a second term! The Installation was well performed and all around amazing. Job’s Daughters, DeMolay, and Rainbow alike made an appearance, showing their support. The reception was wonderful and the food was outstanding.

I really look forward to seeing what this Chapter is going to do in this term of office.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

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