My First Grand Assembly: By Lina

Posted in Blog on August 21st, 2017 by Casey Humphries

I had a very exciting experience during my first Grand Assembly. Not just to see and meet friends, but because of all the fun we shared as well. It was such an honour to serve as a Grand Flag Bearer, especially considering the fact that I had only joined a few months before. It was an even greater honor to become appointed as the Grand Page to Supreme Inspector Mom Jenkins during Grand Banquet. My favourite part was definitely the dance on the last night. This was a wonderful first experience, and I can’t wait to have an even better Grand Assembly next year!

In RL&S,

Richmond Assembly #10

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Grand Assembly 2017: By Victoria

Posted in Blog on August 10th, 2017 by Casey Humphries


Grand Assembly was beyond great for Richmond! We got our new initiate, Emma, who was very happy to get initiated as a Rainbow Girl at Grand Assembly. We are very lucky to have her in our Assembly because we know she is going to be an amazing Rainbow Girl. Our Mother Advisor Shanon Jackson and our past Worthy Advisor Jessica both received the Grand Cross of Color and we are very proud of them. The Assembly also enjoyed the dance we had, it was great to meet new girls from different Assemblies. We celebrated the following Grand Appointments from our Assembly for 2017-2018:

Jessica: Grand Representative to Alabama and Maryland
Brianna: Grand Representative to Brazil and Georgia
Victoria (me!): Grand Representative to California and North Carolina
Sierra: Grand Representative to New York and Oregon
Taylor: Grand Flag Tribute to the Rainbow Flag
Lina: Grand Page to the Supreme Inspector

We also won third place in the Rodeo competition, Sierra won first place for the written Ritual test for her age group, and Kathy, who recently received her Majority, won third place in her age group.

Our Assembly is looking forward to Olivia’s “Sail Into Rainbow” Grand term this year and we know she is going to make an amazing Grand Worthy Advisor.

In RL&S,

Victoria McDaniel
Richmond Assembly #10

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Programs and Frozen Yogurt

Posted in Blog on August 16th, 2016 by Casey Humphries

35121Richmond Assembly #10 joined St. John’s Lodge for dinner and performed a program for them, and it went wonderfully.  The memorization work done by my Rainbow sisters amazed me!  After we did a version of the Charity initiation lecture for the Masons, we celebrated our membership growth over the last year by going to Sweet Frog with the Pledges.  I enjoyed the time spent with my Rainbow sisters!

In RL&S,
Richmond Assembly #10

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A Fun and Patriotic Evening

Posted in Blog on July 23rd, 2016 by Casey Humphries

2016-07-20 19.47.33

Tuckahoe Lodge invited us to come to their special meeting in honor of Independence Day on July 7th. They were having a dinner as well as a flag retirement ceremony done by the Sojourners and a presentation about taps. We got to help serve food and clean up the food after everyone left. There was a large turnout at the flag retirement ceremony, and everyone who wanted to participate had the chance. We even helped with the flag retirement, and we learned a lot.  We really appreciate being invited by Tuckahoe Lodge and look forward to doing a program for them in a couple of months!

In RL&S,
Richmond #10

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