Hampton’s Installation: By Victoria

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Hampton Assembly’s Installation was great. It was great to see everyone after Grand Assembly all ready to start their terms. Hampton’s new Worthy Advisor is Brittany, and her mascot is Eeyore. Richmond #10 is looking forward to seeing more of Hampton and all their amazing Rainbow Girls, and doing more events with them. Congratulations on your new offices!

In RL&S,

Richmond Assembly #10

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Brittany’s Installation: By Kaitlyn

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On July 30th, we attended Hampton Assembly No. 2’s Installation of Officers with Brittany going in as Worthy Advisor. The girls from Norfolk who went were Phoenix, Pia, Jordan, our pledge Sarah, and me.  Phoenix was asked to be Installing Musician for Brittany. Brittany’s Installation was so beautiful and I enjoyed every second of it!  To tell you a little bit about her term, her theme is Southern Charm and to go along with it, her symbols are boots and bows.  Her charity is the ROC Solid Foundation which builds playsets for children who have cancer.  Brittany’s colors are blue, white and purple, her honor stations are Religion, Drill Leader and Faith, her flower is the daisy and her mascot is adorable little Eeyore©.  When her amazing and beautiful Installation came to an end, we went downstairs for the reception and I was asked to say the prayer before we all had some food.  When I finished my prayer, Brittany told me that I did beautifully and thanked me for doing it.  Again, this was a beautiful Installation that I had the pleasure of attending and I cannot wait to see what Brittany will have in store for us and her Assembly on her term as Worthy Advisor.

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2017 Spring MCHQWA Ball

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On April 29, we went to MCHQWA Ball. Lauren and Sara rode in one car while Brittany, a prospect, and I drove in another car to meet more of our Rainbow Sisters at the Ball. On the way to the Ball, we took the backroads and ended up in Maryland where we then headed back down to Virginia.

The road trip there was so much fun, but the dance was even more fun. We danced the night away and then had introductions where most of the Hampton Girls there were either introduced or acted as escorts. As the dance continued, we danced even more.

The night was filled with laughter and I was sad when it was time to go home. I can’t wait until the next MCHQWA Ball!

In Rainbow Love & Service,

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Hampton Assembly Serves at Fox Hill UMC

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On April 29, Hampton Assembly attended and helped at the Fox Hill Central United Methodist Church Spring Festival. We had a booth set up where we talked to several people about what Rainbow means to us. We also had a craft table. We made butterflies and spring fences. When we had some down time at the festival, we played with Dad Mike’s pug, Louie! He became our Hampton mascot.

It was a wonderful time to spend with 5 of our girls and a prospect before we headed up to MCHQWA Ball!

With Rainbow Love and Service,

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