Ashburn & Springfield Grand Visitation

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The GV started 2 hours after the scholarship bowling ended. It was from 2 to 4 p.m. it starred the Springfield and Ashburn Assembles. They had a good Grand Visitation with a very informative skit. After the GV we didn’t have to wait for pictures!!!!! Yay! When we went down stairs we had refreshments while listening to Zoe’s nematode. I had a good time at the Grand Visitation.




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Manassas-Fairfax Grand Visitation

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September 23, 2017 – Manassas Assembly #13 and Fairfax Assembly #3 hosted a meeting for the Grand Worthy Advisor based on her annual theme this year of Sail into Rainbow.  We had practice at Henry Lodge on September 16th so we didn’t need to get to the Lodge until 3pm. Fairfax Assembly did a wonderful job with the Decorations and there was a beautiful cake!  There were so many Grand Officers, Grand Representatives and others visiting that it made the meeting really special.  There was a re-dedication ceremony where all present and past Rainbow Girls re-took their vows.  After that, Mom J made presentations for some parents who have given their time and efforts to Rainbow.  Then we had a game of jeopardy with Mom J against Olivia; the categories were Rainbow and Sharks to go with the GWA’s mascot.  Once the meeting was over we had refreshments downstairs in the dining hall.  We all helped with clean up and then some went home while others went to the MCHQWA Ball.  It was a long, fun eventful day.

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Fairfax-Manassas Grand Visitation

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Manassas & Ashburn Grand Visitation

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April 22, 2017 – Manassas Assembly #13 and Ashburn Assembly #11 hosted a meeting for the Grand Worthy Advisor based on her annual theme this year of Harry Potter.  

We started practice at 10am and went through Opening, Closing, the skit for the GWA, and our retiring march.  Practice went until about noon.  While we were practicing with moms Jean, Priscilla, Kelley, and Louisa others were getting all the wonderful decorations put up.  

I would like to give a special thanks to Mom Paula for doing so much of the decorating and give a special shout out to Mom Nancy for letting the Assemblies use so many of her Harry Potter decorations.  The Ashburn Assembly girls went to lunch at Subway while the Manassas Assembly girls ordered in pizza.

The meeting was fun and I enjoyed the skit that Gigi wrote.  Vanessa had many quotes and fun facts about Harry Potter that even Rachal didn’t know.  Once the meeting was over, we took pictures and had refreshments in the dining hall.  

We all helped clean up and then went home.  It was a fun eventful day.

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