Manassas Installation

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July 23, 2017

I arrived a little after 1pm all dressed and ready for Installation.  We started the Manassas Assembly Installation on time at 2pm with a tribute to the American Flag by Dad Grist and Vanessa.  The Installation was beautiful even if there was an unfortunate incident with one of our Sisters getting sick during the installing of the officers.  It was quickly dealt with and everything moved on as planned.  There were three Past Grand Worthy Advisors present as well as the current Grand Worthy Advisor, Olivia, along with several other VA Grand Officers.  The Installing Musician, Michael Thornton, made everything fun with his guitar playing and our pledge and the visiting pledges made the ribbon ceremony special.  Gigi was installed for her second term as Worthy Advisor and her calendar looks like it has many fun events planned.  This term’s theme is: Happiness; with a motto of:  Find the happiness in all you do; with the Mascots: the original Care Bears.  The Installation had a reception afterwards in the dining hall with a really cute Care Bear cake.

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Manassas-Fairfax Grand Visitation

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September 23, 2017 – Manassas Assembly #13 and Fairfax Assembly #3 hosted a meeting for the Grand Worthy Advisor based on her annual theme this year of Sail into Rainbow.  We had practice at Henry Lodge on September 16th so we didn’t need to get to the Lodge until 3pm. Fairfax Assembly did a wonderful job with the Decorations and there was a beautiful cake!  There were so many Grand Officers, Grand Representatives and others visiting that it made the meeting really special.  There was a re-dedication ceremony where all present and past Rainbow Girls re-took their vows.  After that, Mom J made presentations for some parents who have given their time and efforts to Rainbow.  Then we had a game of jeopardy with Mom J against Olivia; the categories were Rainbow and Sharks to go with the GWA’s mascot.  Once the meeting was over we had refreshments downstairs in the dining hall.  We all helped with clean up and then some went home while others went to the MCHQWA Ball.  It was a long, fun eventful day.

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Smithfield Installation: by Kaitlyn

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On August 12, Smithfield had their Installation of Officers.  Delaney is the new Worthy Advisor.  I was honored to be her Installing Chaplain for her Installation.  Delaney was crowned by Abby, and her gavel was presented by her parents.  Her theme for her term is “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Delaney’s motto is “This is all Yours.  You are the Owner of this World.”  Her mascot is a wolf that she named Max along with her symbols being crowns, sailboats, and leaves.  Her charity for the term is the American Diabetes Association.  Nearly 30 million people battle diabetes every day and every 23 seconds someone new is diagnosed.  Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. 

After the Installation, we had some dinner and stayed for a dance.  Smithfield’s Installation was beautifully done and I can’t wait to see Delaney throughout her term as Worthy Advisor.

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New Jersey’s Grand Assembly

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On Friday, August 11th, I went to New Jersey’s Grand Assembly. I went with Isabella, Mom Louisa, and my mom. We drove all day to get up to New Jersey, made a quick stop at our hotel to change into formals and get ready, and then drove another hour and a half to get to the Grand Assembly.

When we got there, we went to the Grand Officers Banquet first. Isabella and I were seated with the Grand Officers. They were all so nice and friendly, and they helped us feel a lot better about not knowing anyone. At the end of the Banquet, the Grand Worthy Advisor, Jenna Brink, was presented with some end-of-term gifts, including a homemade quilt and some scrapbooks about her year in office.

After our meal, we attended the opening session. Important guests were introduced, speeches were given, and I was allowed to speak about Olivia’s year as GWA of Virginia. The Grand Representatives also had a costume contest like we’re going to have this year. They each dressed up as a representation of their state, and some of them were really creative and impressive. I watched for the Grand Representative to Virginia, who was dressed as Harry Potter to go with Rachal Murray’s theme from last year.

To close the Session, they announced the Grand positions for the next year. Lydia Anderson-Dearborn was appointed as my counterpart, and Amy Wilkie was appointed as Grand Worthy Advisor. Lastly, they performed the Book of Memories ceremony, which was beautiful as always.

I really enjoyed New Jersey’s Grand Assembly, and I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing. I’m also looking forward to corresponding with Lydia for the next year and learning as much about New Jersey Rainbow as possible.

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