Manassas helps Child ID

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On October 7, 2017, Manassas Assembly helped out the Masons and the sheriff’s department with their Child ID booth.  Zoey W. organized our part of the event.  We were to sign up in two hour shifts and I was on the 11am to 1pm shift.  While I was there, I also saw Joella, Ashley, MacKenzie, Zoey W., M’Balu, Batu, Delanie, Gigi, Alyssa, Katie, Sami, and Maribel, but since I didn’t work the early morning shift I didn’t get to see everyone that was there.  Unfortunately, I got sick from the lunch I had while working and was unable to work the Spaghetti Dinner that was later that afternoon and into the evening, but I did come get the food and it was delicious! 

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Isabella C.

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Manassas goes to the Pumpkin Patch

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On Sunday October 15th, Manassas Assembly, Ashburn Assembly, Herndon DeMolay, and Prince William DeMolay, met up at the pumpkin patch in the plains. There was hay ride in which we all rode on and since our group was so big we split into two cars, the adults and boys in one car and the girls in another (the girls’ car was better than the boys). Besides the hayride there was a corn maze, obstacle course, a line maze, slides, mini-hay maze, pumpkin shooting, barrel roll, bean bag toss, and a small animal farm. There were pigs, goats, and chickens. We all had a fun time and we met new and old friends.

With Rainbow Love and Service,


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On September 23, 2017, after the Fairfax and Manassas Grand Visitation, we went to the MCHQWA Ball.  I got there a little before 8:30 pm and there were so many people there!  There were people from all the Masonic affiliated organizations in the area.  There were many DeMolay, Jobs Daughters, and Rainbow Girls.  The Manassas Rainbow Girls who were there included:  Gigi, Katie, Delanie, Zoey W., Vanessa, Zoe N., Joella, Sami, Mackenzie, M’Balu, Batu, and me.  Even Ella P., one of our pledges, was there.  The dance was fun and I had a really great time, but I needed to leave shortly after all the escorts were done at about 10pm so I could go home and rest so I could get all my homework done and study for a test the next day.  It’s really great when all the Masonic organizations get together for a fun evening!

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Isabella C.

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Manassas-Fairfax Grand Visitation

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September 23, 2017 – Manassas Assembly #13 and Fairfax Assembly #3 hosted a meeting for the Grand Worthy Advisor based on her annual theme this year of Sail into Rainbow.  We had practice at Henry Lodge on September 16th so we didn’t need to get to the Lodge until 3pm. Fairfax Assembly did a wonderful job with the Decorations and there was a beautiful cake!  There were so many Grand Officers, Grand Representatives and others visiting that it made the meeting really special.  There was a re-dedication ceremony where all present and past Rainbow Girls re-took their vows.  After that, Mom J made presentations for some parents who have given their time and efforts to Rainbow.  Then we had a game of jeopardy with Mom J against Olivia; the categories were Rainbow and Sharks to go with the GWA’s mascot.  Once the meeting was over we had refreshments downstairs in the dining hall.  We all helped with clean up and then some went home while others went to the MCHQWA Ball.  It was a long, fun eventful day.

In RL&S,


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