Virginia Rainbow History


Rainbow started in the Commonwealth of Virginia in November 1973 as a group of interested people knows as “The Newport News Rainbow Club.” Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trestrail were instrumental in this activity.

Edna D. McLaurin Assembly LT was instituted on December 8, 1973 under the guidance of Mrs. Agnes McLeod, Supreme Worthy Advisor and Mrs. Edna D. McLaurin, Supreme Inspector in South Carolina. Tammy Trestrail was the first Worthy Advisor and Mrs. Nancy Trestrail. Mother Advisor.

In May 1974, MW Stewart W. Minor, Grand Master of Masons in Virginia gave approval for the Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Virginia. Transportation Lodge #337, Newport News, became the official sponsor of Assembly #1 in September 1974. At that same time, Monitor Lodge #197, Hampton, voted to sponsor Hampton Assembly #2.

Mrs. Nancy Trestrail was appointed the first Grand Deputy in Virginia and Mr. Omar W. White was appointed Grand State Organizer. A School of Instruction was held at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia in August 1975. There have been seven Grand Deputies in Virginia: Mrs. Edna Hover (1976-1978), Mrs. Elinor Duncan (1978), Mr. Dale Cooley (1980-1985), Mrs. Susan H. Rennagel, Mrs. Nancy Martin and Mr. Donald Litewski (1985-1993).

Founding of Assemblies

The following Assemblies were issued Letters Temporary from Supreme Assembly but were never instituted:

  • Rose Hill Assembly LT Martin Station Lodge #188 1976 Rose Hill
  • Love Assembly LT Mt. Carmel Lodge #133 1981 Marshall Chapter #101, OES, Warrenton
  • Giles Assembly LT Pearisburg Chapter #124, OES 1983 Pearisburg
  • Caroline Assembly LT Bowling Green 1992
  • Clover Hill Assembly LT Midlothian 1996

The following Assemblies were instituted and constituted under the Grand Jurisdiction of South Carolina/Virginia:

  • Edna D. McLaurin #1 Transportation Lodge #337 1974  Newport News
  • Hampton Assembly #2 Monitor Lodge #197 1975 Hampton
  • Fairfax Assembly #3 Henry Lodge #57 Fairfax 1977
  • Ruth Givens McCarl #4 Letters Temporary 1981 Manassas Met at Kemper Lodge #64 in Falls Church
  • Smithfield Assembly #5 Smithfield-Union Lodge #18 1982 Smithfield Chapter #127, OES, Smithfield
  • Quantico Assembly #6 John A. Lejeune Lodge #350 1985 Quantic
  • Chester Assembly #7 Chester Lodge #94 1986 Chester
  • Norfolk Assembly #8 Corinthian Lodge #266 1987 Norfolk
  • New River Assembly #9 Intermont Lodge #269 1989 Narrows
  • Richmond Assembly #10 Metropolitan Lodge #11 1991 Richmond

The following Assemblies were instituted and constituted under the Grand Jurisdiction of Virginia:

  • Ashburn Assembly #11 Ashburn-Sterling Lodge #288 1995 Ashburn
  • Fredericksburg Assembly #12 Fredericksburg Lodge #4 2003 Fredericksburg
  • Manassas Assembly #13 Manasseh Lodge, Destiny Court, Wimodausis Chapter, 2013, Manassas
  • Springfield Assembly #14, Springfield Lodge, 2015 Springfield
  • Norfolk Assembly #15, South Norfolk Lodge, 2016, Chesapeake

The following Charters have been returned to Supreme Assembly: Edna D. McLaurin #1 – Newport News, Ruth Givens McCarl #4 – Falls Church, Chester #7, Norfolk #8, New River #9 – Narrows, and Quantico #6

A Grand Assembly

In August 1993, Virginia became a Grand Jurisdiction under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Kofoed, Supreme Worthy Advisor. Mrs. Susan H. Rennagel became the first Supreme Deputy.

The following Grand Assemblies have been held:

  • A Rainbow Full of Hopes and Dreams Session, July 6-8, 1994, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Erin C. Jenkins, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • A World Full of Rainbows Session, June 29-July 1, 1995, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Christie L. Denis, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Session, June 28-30, 1996, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Deanna Rockhill, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Discover the Difference Session, June 30-July 2, 1997, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Amy Ernst, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Catch the Spirit Session, July 2-4, 1998, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Angela Marie Newcomer, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Live the Promise for Tomorrow Session, June 24-26, 1999, Chamberlin Hotel, Hampton, Janae Fraer, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Count Your Blessings Session, June 25-27, 2000, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Noelle Nochisaki, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Unite in the Glow of Love and Faith Session, June 24-26, 2001, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Monique Fraer, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Dreams Begin Where Rainbows End Session, June 23-25, 2002, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Kristina Groves, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Paws and Listen to the Music Session, June 22-24, 2003, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Christine N. Norman, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Dare to Dive Deep Session, June 26-28, 2004, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Meghan Knowlton, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Building on the Past, Lighting the Way to the Future Session, June 25-27, 2005, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Katie Norman, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Continuing the Tradition of Rainbow Session, June 24-26, 2006, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Mary V.L.Hutt, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Celebrate Rainbow Session, June 30-July 2, 2007, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Robyn Lee Kaylor, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Leaving Our Footprints in the Sands of Time Session, June 28-30, 2008, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Abigayle Wood, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Our Rainbow Wish Session, June 27-29, 2009, Holiday Inn Select, Koger Conference Center, Richmond, Jamie Waite, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Once Upon a Time, Session June 26-28, 2010, Sheration West, Richmond, Chelsea Norman, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Stand Out, Be You, Be True Session, June 25-27, 2011, Ramada Plaza West, Michelle Baise, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Rainbow Roundup Session, June 23-25, 2012, Crowne Plaza Richmond West, Nicole McLaughlin, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Impossible Is Nothing Session, June 21-23, 2013, Richmond Magnuson Grand Hotel, Richmond, Lauren Tatro, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Ties That Bind Session, July 18-20, 2014, Doubletree Hotel, Williamsburg, Kathryne Whidden, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Our Colorful Heritage Session, July 17-19, 2015, Doubletree Hotel, Williamsburg, Brigitte Wendel, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Selfless Session – July 15-17, 2016, Doubletree Hotel, Williamsburg, Rachel Cochrane, Grand Worthy Advisor
  • The Light Within Session – July 14-16, 2017, Doubletree Hotel, Williamsburg, Rachal Murray, Grand Worthy Advisor
Virginia Rainbow celebrated their 20th Anniversary in October of 2013. These are the dresses worn for that Grand Year.

Virginia Rainbow celebrated their 20th Anniversary in October of 2013. These are the dresses worn for that Grand Year.

Rainbow leadership retreats were held at the Virginia Elks Youth Camp in Clifton Forge, Virginia from 1996-2009. Since 2010,the leadership retreats have been held at the 4H Camp in Jamestown, Virginia.

Members of the Supreme Assembly

In July 2000 at Supreme Assembly in Buffalo, New York, Mrs. Susan Rennagel was elected to the House of Gold and installed as Supreme Inspector. In July 2002 at Supreme Assembly in Orlando, Florida, Mrs. Rennagel was appointed Supreme Parliamentarian. In July 2004 at Supreme Assembly in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mrs. Rennagel was appointed Supreme Drill Leader and in July 2006 at Supreme Assembly in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Mrs. Rennagel was appointed Supreme Fidelity. At Supreme Assembly in Chicago, Illinois, July 2008, Mrs. Rennagel was elected Supreme Faith. With the resignation of the Supreme Worthy Advisor in November 2009, Mrs. Rennagel became Supreme Hope. Mrs. Rennagel was then elected Supreme Hope at the Supreme Assembly Session in Omaha, Nebraska, in July 2010, Supreme Charity in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in July 2012 and Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor in July 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland. At the 2016 Supreme Session, Mrs. Rennagel was installed as Supreme Worthy Advisor. Virginia Rainbow is extremely proud to have “Mom Renn” as the leader of our international organization.

At Grand Assembly in June 2008, Mrs. Rennagel announced her retirement as Supreme Inspector in VA. Mrs. Linda J. Jenkins,”Mom J,” became the Supreme Deputy and was installed at Supreme Assembly in Chicago, IL on July 30, 2008. At the 2016 Supreme Assembly Session in Providence, Rhode Island, Mrs. Jenkins, was elected to the House of Gold and installed as Supreme Inspector in Virginia.