On September 23, 2017, after the Fairfax and Manassas Grand Visitation, we went to the MCHQWA Ball.  I got there a little before 8:30 pm and there were so many people there!  There were people from all the Masonic affiliated organizations in the area.  There were many DeMolay, Jobs Daughters, and Rainbow Girls.  The Manassas Rainbow Girls who were there included:  Gigi, Katie, Delanie, Zoey W., Vanessa, Zoe N., Joella, Sami, Mackenzie, M’Balu, Batu, and me.  Even Ella P., one of our pledges, was there.  The dance was fun and I had a really great time, but I needed to leave shortly after all the escorts were done at about 10pm so I could go home and rest so I could get all my homework done and study for a test the next day.  It’s really great when all the Masonic organizations get together for a fun evening!

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Isabella C.

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