Manassas Goes to The Corn Maze in The Plains

On October 15, 2017, we met at The Corn Maze in The Plains.  We invited pledges, prospects, friends, and family to join us.  It was fun getting through the Maze and going on the hay ride with everyone.  Since our group was so large the girls had to get on the hay ride by themselves and they still didn’t get everyone on it! The food was good and the bees liked it too!  M’Balu lost her hot dog trying to chase the bees away.  The girls from Manassas Assembly who were there included:  Gigi, Katie, Kate, Delanie, Zoey W., Vanessa, Zoe N., Joella, Maribel, Sami, M’Balu, Batu, Akshita, Abigail, and me.  There were pledges there as well:  Ella, Cassidy, and another whose name I don’t know.  We had three prospects:  Grace, Denise and the girl that Zoey and Delanie brought who will be joining next month.  The adults who were there were:  Dad Clancy, Mom Darcy, Mom Priscilla, Dad Tom, Mom Paula, Dad Wyatt, Mom Joanne, Mom Jean, Mom Robin, Mom Ange, Mom Sasi, Mom Louisa, Mom Janette, and Mom Vanessa.  There were several DeMolay members there from various chapters.  We even met up with Ashburn Assembly and their pledges.  Ashburn Assembly brought a Mom and fellow Rainbow Girl who were in the area visiting family and they are from Savannah, Georgia.  It was a fun day all around!

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Isabella C.

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