Norfolk Assembly Dad Spotlight: Grandpa Wayne

I learned many things about Grandpa Wayne during his interview.
Grandpa Wayne joined Masonry in 1973 when he was 30 years old. His motive in joining Masonry was that his father was a Mason when they lived in the Panama Canal zone and one of his uncles, who lived in Milwaukee, was also a Mason.

At the time Grandpa Wayne was stationed on the USS Belknap, he had to find a Lodge to join by finding some Masons. One lesson he has learned through Masonry is ​best stated by Albert Pike’s book, Morals and Dogma of the Ineffable Degrees, where he stated “A Freemason, therefore, should be a man of honor and of conscience, preferring his duty to everything beside, even to his life; independent in his opinions, and of good morals; submissive to the laws, devoted to humanity, to his country, to his family; kind and indulgent to his brethren, friend of all virtuous men, and ready to assist his fellows by all means in his power.”

Grandpa Wayne became involved with Rainbow in 1984 when someone wanted to start an Assembly on the south side of Hampton Roads. The Master of Corinthian Lodge agreed to sponsor the Assembly and in 1985 Norfolk Assembly LT got started.

Outside of Masonry, Grandpa Wayne enjoys woodworking, Rainbow paraphernalia, and cross-stitching.

With Rainbow Love and Service,

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