2016 Job’s Daughters Pageant

rachal-at-jobs-daughters-pageantjobs-daughters-pageantHampton Assembly went to the Job’s Daughters Pageant to support our Sisters. We were so proud to see Camran up there as the outgoing Miss Congeniality and Scarlet and Leanne as two of the Pageant contestants. It was hosted at the Doubletree where we have our Grand Assembly, so I felt very at home as soon as I walked in. Seeing all my Job’s Sisters all dressed up and excited to be there made me so happy. The Pageant was lovely. Misha (also a fellow Rainbow Girl of Springfield) and Camran had the theme of “Ohana” and all things Hawaii!!! Their speeches were beautiful and so was every girl on that stage. Afterwards, all the DeMolay, Jobies, and Rainbow Girls piled into the dance room and moved and grooved the night away. It was wonderful and it reminds me of the reason why I joined Rainbow in the first place: friends like family, amazing times, and lots of memories.

With Rainbow Love and Service,
Lauren Ann

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