Hampton’s End of Summer Sleepover

hampton-dads-dress-up hampton-end-of-summer-funAfter Hampton Assembly’s End of Summer party, we held a sleepover. It started off with Pictionary. It was hilarious watching the girls try to draw out a movie or action and it was even funnier hearing everyone’s guesses. Then we played Minute-To-Win-It games. One of the games we always tend to play at sleepovers is putting a popsicle stick in your mouth and trying to balance as many marshmallows as you can on it. This ended in a marshmallow fight when we all got a little to excited over who we thought won. Earlier in the sleepover, I had to leave and had to miss the dressing up of two of our dads, but the pictures I saw made me laugh out loud. The girls also helped our GWA, Rachal, with decorations for upcoming events. After all the fun and games, we went upstairs and hung out for a little while then fell asleep. It was a great time. It’s always wonderful spending time with my sisters!

With Rainbow Love and Service

Lauren Ann
Hampton Assembly #2
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