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Madalyn's ROC Solid BuildMadalyn's ROC Solid Build

On Friday August 26th, Hampton Assembly helped build a play set for a little girl battling autism and cancer. The build started at 8 am and we finished around 1:30pm. Mom Beth, Mom Kim, Lauren, and I built the roof. Rachal helped another group make the ladder and rock wall. It was so cool to see the pieces we made get put together to make something amazing.

When Madalyn came out, we all waved our hands and her face lit up. She was so happy! She went straight for the swing. As she was swinging, Roc Solid presented a picture to her parents that talked about what cancer can not take away. It was so amazing to see the impact that we made on that family.

After we finished building, we were asked to start sorting the pieces for the next build. So, not only did we help one kid, we started the process of helping another one.

To see the little Madalyn so happy and her parents so thankful helped us to realize what these two organizations are about; helping and bringing joy to others and helping as many individuals as we can. It was an absolutely amazing day, and I can’t wait to help with another build!

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Hampton Assembly #2

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