Hampton’s Installation of Officers

On August 7th, Hampton Assembly had their Installation of Officers. Kensley went in as Worthy Advisor and you could tell by the look on her face that she was ecstatic! Her theme was “A Winter Wonderland” and her mascot was snowmen. There was a big turnout from her family and the ceremony went beautifully. I was honored to be apart of her Ribbon Ceremony and I had the privilege of presenting her with her mascot by having one of our dads (Dad Mike) dress as a snowman and dance around. Everyone had a good laugh including Kensley! The Installation was a success and afterward we all went downstairs and had some good homemade food made by Kensley’s grandma. She had to sing “In Summer” to get her mascot back from Smithfield and after the day was over we were all very tired and a new Worthy Advisor was crowned! I am so excited to be in line behind her and I cannot wait to see all she does for this Assembly!!!

With Rainbow Love and Service,
Hampton Assembly #2

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