Richmond Travels!


I am so very proud each and every day to be the Mother Advisor of Richmond Assembly #10. This weekend these girls made me even more proud. Our young girls Sierra and Victoria spent the weekend representing Richmond around the state. The girls along with myself and Mom McDaniel went to the Installation of Officers of Smithfield Assembly #5 on Saturday afternoon. The beautiful installation was followed by a dinner and dance. From there the girls went and had a rainbow sleepover to celebrate Victoria’s 12th birthday. Sunday, the girls once again represented Richmond at the Installation of Officers of Hampton Assembly #2. The girls devised plans to raise money for charity projects by mascot-napping. It was all in good fun though, and no mascots or Worthy Advisors were harmed- but money was definitely raised! Richmond may be a young assembly but the Rainbow Spirit is huge in these girls.

Shanon Jackson
Mother Advisor
Richmond Assembly #10
Richmond Virginia
Past Worthy Advisor
Roseville DeRiemer Assembly #263
Roseville, California

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