My First Grand Assembly

P1050981This summer’s Virginia Grand Assembly was the first Grand Assembly I have ever been to. It was definitely a new experience to watch the Grand Officers perform the ritual work properly and gives me something to work towards. The now past Grand Worthy advisor, Brigitte Wendel, was my first Grand Worthy Advisor and did a great job interacting with all the girls at Grand Assembly. It was sad to see her leave her station in the East and even more so Majority out of Rainbow. I liked Brigitte’s theme and how it fit with everything we did during Grand Assembly. The Grand Officers opening dance, to “One World”, was a great way to incorporate the international theme into the sessions. I really enjoyed all the activities Brigitte had planned at Grand Assembly and I was happy to participate and meet Girls from all over the State. The two parts of Grand Assembly I liked the most were, the Grand Banquet because, during the banquet the awards we had worked for all year were announced. My second favorite part was the Majority Service because it was very touching and beautiful. Overall, Grand Assembly was a great experience and I hope I get to go next year.
In Rainbow Love and Service,
Dalanie -Manassas Assembly #13

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