Richmond #10’s Car Wash and Cookout!

On June 6th, the Rainbow Girls of Richmond Assembly had a Car Wash and Bake Sale. In attendance were six adults, eight girls, and two pledges. We had a lot of fun washing cars and spraying each other with the hose on this hot and sunny day. We raised a total of $171 from this event.

Afterwards, we all went to Tuckahoe Lodge for a well deserved Cookout. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, mac-n-cheese, fruit, and chips. Eventually I showed up with the buns but while I was in transit the Assembly active girls and pledges played tag and stoplight in the field nearby. Grand Worthy Advisor, Brigitte made a big mess and spilled soda everywhere. We had a great turnout with fifteen adults and girls. We had the best time planning a movie date for Founders Day. Overall, it was a great day to spend time with our Rainbow Sisters. 🙂

In Rainbow Love,

Erin Wilder, PWA

Richmond Assembly #10
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