Gifts, Giggles, and Games Galore!

Visiting a Sister Assembly is always great. You get to meet new Girls and see old friends. As a member of Manassas Assembly, an Assembly still in its infancy, it is always interesting to see how other Assemblies
conduct their meetings. On December 18th, Fairfax Assembly had a Christmas party with a gift exchange. At the Christmas Party, Fairfax Assembly generously provided pizza, cookies, candy, and soda which we eagerly consumed before moving on the gift exchange. The gift exchange was very pleasant until one very lucky girl opened a Visa gift card and then the gloves came off! Girls who had not yet received a present were flocking to Erica, the Worthy Associate Advisor, to steal her precious gift. She would not budge…until she found a better offer! After the gift exchange, all the Girls talked, laughed, and played cards. At the end of it all, it was not the pizza or the gifts that made the party fun; it was the Girls and being able to spend time with my Rainbow Sisters that I will always remember.

With Rainbow Love and Service


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