First Year Rainbow Adventures are Amazing!

I have been in Rainbow for one year.

On November 26, 2013, eight days after my 11th birthday, I joined Manassas Assembly and I have loved it so much! My year in Rainbow has been amazing. I have attended many Rainbow events and have met so many new people.

I love how Rainbow is all about having fun no matter what we are doing. Whether it is a sleepover, a fundraiser or a service project. We know when it is time to get to work….but we do it having fun! I attended Grand Assembly where I got to see a really good friend join. I was asked by Mom Linda Jenkins to do the Christian Flag Tribute and at the Grand Banquet I was appointed to be the Eastern Star Flag Bearer for the next Grand Year. I also participated in the competition for Rose Lecture! I have served as Confidential Observer and Chaplain in my local Assembly. I also learned the lecture of Service for Initiation and I learned and recited the proficiency my first month in Rainbow.

I love being a part of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls!

Manassas Assembly #13

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