Homecoming Grand Visitation

On May 10th 2014, it was Grand Worthy Advisor Katie’s Homecoming Grand Visitation. It took place in Fairfax Assembly, since that is Katie’s home Assembly. Fairfax, Ashburn, and Manassas Assemblies all participated. It was nice having all of the Northern Virginia Assemblies working together. The theme for the visit was “What Makes Us Different Is What Binds Us Together.” There were a lot of adults present, such as the Grand Royal Matron, Gail Lee, with some of her officers and the Supreme Royal Patron, Dad Ekren and some of the Supreme Officers who came to watch the Grand Visitation. Mom Susan Rennagel was also there, as well as Mom Linda Jenkins. There were girls from Richmond who came and Lauren from Hampton. Mom Renn gave a beautifully memorable speech about how much Rainbow grew especially Fairfax Assembly since the last time she was Mother Advisor. When she gave that speech it almost brought tears to my eyes. I really felt that speech. At the end, the three Assemblies did a skit. The theme of the skit was Endangered Species. Ashburn did a hilarious skit about a Tazmanian Devil. Manassas Assembly did another funny skit about sea turtles. And my Assembly, Fairfax, did a more serious skit about banoboos, dolphins, African elephants, and pandas. After we finished the skit, Kaylee presented Katie with a pillow case with the names of the members embroidered on it. Kaylee’s mother made it and there is another one coming with the names of all the girls in Ashburn and Manassas Assemblies. It was a very beautiful Grand Visitation, and one of the nicest I have ever seen. I will miss Katie after Grand Assembly even though we live near each other. Rainbow still won’t be the same without her.

In Rainbow love and service,

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