Shriner’s Circus

The car ride there was very long and tiring. We left right after I came home from school. We got to the hotel around 10:00 pm. It was late, but there were lots of clowns in the Clown Room. There was a lot of food and drinks too! I enjoyed the cookies and snacks for dessert. The door had a wreath made out of balloons. It was cool and easy to find when walking down the hall. Our room was right around the corner so we were close to it.

Saturday morning we had to get up early, eat and go to the place where the circus was being held. It was funny because all the clowns came down to the lobby in their outfits and Mom and I were already waiting for them. The ladies at the desk laughed at them.

The circus was very fun! I got to see the show three times! The clowns were very funny and I spent a lot of time with the clowns. My Dad was a clown for the first time at this event. My Dad at first looked very funny, so I laughed so hard because he looked funny. One of the clowns taught me how to make a tulip out of a balloon. I showed him how to make a few things out of beads as a trade.  The clowns were even part of the show with the Chicago Boyz. The Chicago Boyz used a trampoline to jump over a group of clowns for each show and my Dad was one of the clowns that they jumped over.

There was a motorcycle trick at the end of the first performance, but one of the riders got hurt badly and was taken to the hospital. I was so sad because I saw him and I could not do anything to help. I felt sad that his little son was there watching as he was being helped. The cannon was blocking most of the area where the accident happened so not a lot of people watching saw the accident. As soon as the performers saw he was hurt, they got everyone out of there. The lights were off until everyone left.  I hope he gets better, my prayers for him and his family.

I met lots of people during the shows also. I tried to help a little girl sitting in front of us for one show when her butterfly light broke. The circus wouldn’t exchange her light, but I was able to help fix it so she could at least have the butterfly. Her Mom was happy and so was she.

It was a long weekend when all was said and done, but I now can say I saw my first Circus, road a camel and an elephant. I also got to swing on a practice swing for up in the air, but it was lower to the ground. I also got the chance to meet the Chicago Boyz in person and get their autographs. I got to see so many clowns and get their autographs as well. I am glad I got to spend the weekend at such an event.

I look forward to more Shriner’s Circus adventures with the Klowns from Kena! Roanoke see you next year for sure, if at all possible!


Ashburn Assembly #11

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