My First Rainbow Masquerade Ball

I was very excited that Katie’s Masquerade Ball did not get cancelled like the Sweethearts Dance. I had never been to a Masquerade Ball and I had gotten a new mask and everything. I was so excited and kept wanting to get there all day. It started with an adventure of my Dad driving me to the Ball. My Mom also went, but didn’t drive. It was neat, but kind of scary with all the side streets we went up and down. It was like finding a diamond in the middle of a large maze.

There in the middle of all these side streets was a huge beautiful building, the beautiful Scottish Rite Temple in Washington, DC. We found a parking spot behind the building and headed in to the fun. There were lots of girls from all over. The decorations were beautiful masks and beads. The music was playing and the deejay was a Mason from my Dad’s Lodge and also a member of my Dad’s Kena Klown group. It was different seeing him deejay versus clowning around.

There were more girls than boys, which seems to be normal. We had so much fun dancing the night away. I was surprised that I knew lots of the girls there. I did spend most of the night with the Fairfax Rainbow girls (Katie, Rachel, and Root) and out on the dance floor. I had fun learning some of the dances I didn’t know. There was also so much good food. There was something for everyone.

We helped Katie and her family clean up and put the tables back before leaving. I was really tired on the way home, but I look forward to next dance.

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Sister of Hope
Ashburn Assembly #11

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