The Grand Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Virginia Grand Assembly

The 20th Anniversary of Virginia Grand Assembly

The 20th Anniversary of Virginia Grand Assembly was….pretty grand! The night’s festivities included a slideshow, food, a raffle, performances, and amazing speeches. The Daughters of the Nile provided delicious food, and anyone who went could tell you how amazing the performances were. I, for one, had no idea we had so much talent in our Rainbow family! I was surprised and excited when a very brave pledge sister opened the night’s festivities with a beautiful piano performance. The last act of the night really blew everyone away. A bunch of Rainbow Girls took the time to find the dresses of the last 20 years and have a talent show. I had the privilege of sitting next to Mrs. Abigale Costis who had tears of joy in her eyes as she watched the girls walking across the stage. After the talent show we had a raffle which was really cool, except for the fact that I lost to Mom Dunn! The prizes were cupcakes and small trinkets any Rainbow Girl could find a use for. The night came to a close after some heartwarming speeches. Overall it was a pretty great night with my Rainbow family. I love you all.

By: Gigi, Sister of Hope
Manassas Assembly #13

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