Supporting our Demolay Brothers

On Friday November 22 some Rainbow Girls from Hampton, Fairfax, and I went to Occoquan Chapter Order of Demolay Installation of Officers. It was the first Demolay Installation I had ever been to and I was very impressed. They held it in the George Washington Masonic Memorial which was gorgeous, the lodge room was huge with two floors. Most of the visiting members sat in the nose bleed section but some of the others girls and I got front row seats! The installing team did a fantastic job with their ritual work. My favorite part of their ritual is that they explain a little bit about what Demolay is before they install the officers. Brother Alex Hite was installed as Master Counselor. It was very cool to see our brother organization in action. I am looking forward to my next visit to a Demolay event.


Grand Worthy Associate Advisor

Richmond #12


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