Supporting our Brothers in DeMolay

On October 6th, Meagan and I had the chance to be guests at a DeMolay Installation and the Reinstitution of a Chapter that died down years ago.  This being my first time going to a DeMolay event, I thought it was amazing to see some of the meaning of DeMolay and learn some more about my Masonic brothers. Starting with a dinner that was catered by an outside business, the food was pretty good I must say. When it came time for the service, the State Master Councilor of Virginia DeMolay, Darren, arrived from previous commitments. One of the most important guests since Darren was the one to Reinstitute the Chapter and install all the new members.“It is amazing to see this Chapter grow from being a club with two members to opening the Chapter back up with 15 members.” Darren mentioned during all the remarks of the program. Needless to say, it was worth the two hour drive. The picture below is Meagan and I with Darren SMC, Derrick the Deputy State Master Councilor in Virginia, and Joseph the Master Councilor of George W. Farley Chapter.

Congratulations on the Reinstitution of the George William Farley DeMolay Chapter and congratulations to Joseph for being installed as the Master Councilor!

Grand Treasurer


Hampton Assembly #2


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