Rainbow in the Midst of Storms and Murder

Even though the rain hadn’t been too nice to us with Masonic Family Day our Rainbow still shown through; that night Rainbow hosted a murder mystery dinner. There was jousting, fair ladies, glorious kings, huge turkey legs, and……. murder. Everyone had a part to play in figuring out who was the murderer and possibly being the murderer themselves. It was a night of mystery, suspicions, and just good fun. It started with all the characters getting to know each other and then tragedy struck the manor when one of the guests was killed. The rest of the night everyone was asking questions trying to figure out who the murderer was. Not only was it fun to get into character and try and solve the mystery but it was awesome spending time with our Masonic family. We had a great turn out from not only the Rainbow Girls, but the DeMolay and Job’s Daughters as well. It was great to see the youth groups coming together for some food and fun.

Grand Worthy Associate Advisor


Richmond Assembly #10




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