Fun with Billboards!


Who would have thought that a trip to Virginia Beach with my parents would end up with a Rainbow ending? The day before we were to leave a Rescue Conference I attended with my parents in Virginia Beach, my Dad saw on the Rainbow website there’s a billboard about Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, and DeMolay sponsored by the Masonic Organizations we represent. There are four billboards for the youth organizations in the Norfolk area that were paid for by a Mason. They invited all of us in the area to stop by at noon on September 29th, and get a picture all together under one of the signs.

Although we were early, it was fun to wait and watch Phantom of the Opera on our laptop. All of a sudden lots of cars, trucks and vans showed up. They were full of Job’s Daughters from Bethel 42 and two DeMolay. We all had fun greeting each other and I gave them my card because I was the only Rainbow Girl that was able to come. I really wanted to climb up and sit on the platform in front of the sign, but mom said no. One of the girls had actually come to the MCHQWA Ball September 21, at Kena in Fairfax. My Dad recognized her and she was happy he remembered her. It was fun to see more of our Masonic Family around our State.

In Rainbow Love and Spirit,
Samantha, Sister of Faith
Ashburn Assembly No. 11

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